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Welcome to Crimson Kennels!

We are Jimmy and Tracy Hughes and we are located in North Alabama, in a small community called Greenhill.  We are a small family owned Labrador Retriever kennel that was created out of our love of labs and duck hunting.  Built in 2000, our kennel offers Labrador Retriever puppies, born here and lovingly cared for until they become part of your family!  We participate regularly in AKC Hunt Tests.  We've also participated in AKC Field Trials and the Super Retriever Series.  We are members of the Middle Tennessee Amateur Retriever Club where Tracy serves on the board, and Jimmy serves as the Treasurer of the Master National Retriever Club.  We are avid duck hunters and enjoy nothing more than spending the morning in a pit or a blind with one of our labs and watching them love it as much as we do!  Our labs are part of our family and our daily lives.  Whether we are in a holding blind at a Hunt Test, in a duck blind in an Arkansas field, or on the couch in our living room, you'll always find one of our labs close to our side.  We both enjoy all these activities, and it allows us to spend time together as a couple making lots of great memories.  It has also given us the opportunity to develop many friendships all over the United States.  We hope you enjoy our website and come back to visit often!  Click on any of the pictures on the site to enlarge them.



Today is Sunday, October 5, 2014.  We arrived in Corning, California on Friday afternoon for Master Nationals.  We are here for "set up" week, and the actual event begins on Saturday, October 11.  We are proud to have 7 dogs qualified for this year's event.

Crimson's Coriander Dream, MH "Andi"

Tubby's Maxximum Trouble, MH "Maxx"

Double G Cosmo's Dream Girl, MH "Abby"  

Crimson's Black Powder Girl, MH "Glory"

Crimson's TNT By Design, MH "Pyro"

Johnson's Redwind, MH "Faith"

Crimson's Little Bit of Booty, MH "Penny"

You can follow the event on the Master National / Retriever News website and see diagrams of the test, and pictures from all week.


You can also "like" our Facebook page Crimson Kennels to follow our dogs and how they are doing.


Today is Wednesday, April 2, 2014.  For those of you that follow our website, I'm sure you've noticed that it has been quite some time since it has been updated.  The past year has been hectic for us, to say the least.  After years of hoping to have a baby, we were thrilled to find out in February of 2013 that we were pregnant, and then even more thrilled to find out in March that we were having TWINS!!  Wow!  A litter of a whole different kind was due October 22!  It was a text book twin pregnancy until July.  At our regular checkup on July 9, our doctor told us we needed to head to UAB and made us an appointment for July 11.  We were terrified to learn that at only 25 weeks pregnant, our babies would probably arrive in less than 48 hours.  Their chance of survival was only 50%, and every day that we could hold out was so very important.  On July 18, at 26 weeks and 1 day, Nathan and Sidney Hughes made their entrance into the world.  Nathan weighed 2 pounds 1 ounce, and Sidney weighed 1 pound 12 ounces.  It was a very delicate couple of weeks, but Nathan and Sidney did well considering their gestational age and weight.  After 16 weeks in the NICU at UAB, Nathan and Sidney got to come home on October 26, just 4 days after their due date.  Through lots of prayers, well wishes and love from our family and friends, we were blessed to bring home two happy and healthy babies.  Nathan and Sidney have defied all the odds, and amazed the doctors and nurses.  Now, at almost 9 months old, Nathan weighs 13 pounds 6 ounces, and Sidney weighs 12 pounds 4 ounces.  They are doing great and we are so happy to say they are growing fast and we have had nothing but positive reports from our doctors.  Nathan and Sidney will hopefully make their Hunt Test debuts this spring!

So, for those of you that have wondered where we have been, hopefully you can nderstand why we have been so long in updating the website.  Over the next few weeks, we will be updating things from the last year.  In the meantime, here are a few pictures of the sweetest little miracles ever born at Crimson Kennels!


On the left, one of our first looks at our sweet babies together.

On the right, our reveal party - how we announced that we were having one boy and one girl!


 From left to Right -

Nathan at birth, just a few hours old.  Nathan at 8 months old.  Sidney at birth, just a few hours old.  Sidney at 8 months old.

It was Memorial Day 2013 when we revealed to our family and friends that we were having a boy and a girl by having Maxx and Andi pick up a pink and blue bumper on a blind retrieve.  We recreated that picture on Memorial Day 2014, this time with Nathan and Sidney in the picture with Maxx and Andi!  Nathan and Sidney are now 10 months old.


Master National 2013 was hosted by the Sunflower Retriever Club and held September 21 - 29 in Fall River, KS at the Flint Oak Resort.  We had 7 dogs that qualified to participate in the event.  Abby came in heat the day before the first series, and had to be scratched from the event, so we had 6 dogs that actually participated.


Mosby's Big Jake, MH "Jake"

Johnson's Redwind, MH "Faith

Tubby's Maxximum Trouble, MH "Maxx"

Double G Cosmo's Dream Girl, MH "Abby"

Crimson's Coriander Dream, MH "Andi"

Crimson's Black Powder Girl, MH "Glory"

Crimson's TNT By Design, MH "Pyro


You can read more information and see several pictures from the 2013 Master National Event by clicking here.

To see pictures and information from past Master National Events, click on the Achievements page.


to our dogs that qualified at the 2013 Master National Event! 

Andi Faith Glory


to Jake on his third Master National pass,  earning him the Master National Title and entry to the Master National Hall of Fame!

Duck Hunting Season 2012
The first week of duck season was great this year.  Faith went on her first hunt and was great!  She quickly learned to scan the sky and was in and out of the pit box like a champ!  She picked up 22 ducks and 4 geese on her first trip out.  Pyro also went on his first hunt.  The pit box was a little more challenging for a big fellow like him to get in and out of, but, like Faith he figured out real quick what was going on and did a great job.  He had a really big chase on a goose that was fun to watch.  Pyro picked up 23 ducks and 13 geese on his first trip out.  And of course Maxx, the veteran of the bunch did a great job as usual.  After 6 years of hunting, he's a pro!  You can see more of our duck hunting pictures in the photo gallery.
Faith Pyro Maxx

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Well, it's the end of another season.  Like most folks, we started out strong and the last week or so was tough - but only if you rate the season only on the number of birds, which we don't.  So, while our last day was full of bloops and blunders, and very few birds, the most important part was that we did it together.  We had a great weekend with some great friends - of both the two legged and four legged variety.  We're already looking forward to next year!

We've updated our duck hunting photo gallery tonight - take a look at some of our memories from several years of hunting. In the meantime, we'll leave you with these shots of the end of our season.


About Crimson Kennels
Crimson Kennels is a breeder of Labrador Retrievers, located in North Alabama. For more than  10 years, Crimson Kennels has specialized in breeding competition caliber Labrador Retriever puppies. Crimson Kennels raises all AKC recognized colors of Labrador Retriever puppies including Black Lab puppies, Chocolate Lab puppies, and Yellow Lab puppies.  For more information about labrador retriever puppies in North Alabama, call or email us at Crimson Kennels today.