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We are Jimmy and Tracy Hughes and we are located in North Alabama, in a small community called Greenhill.  We are a small family owned Labrador Retriever kennel that was created out of our love of labs and duck hunting.  Built in 2000, our kennel offers Labrador Retriever puppies, born here and lovingly cared for until they become part of your family!  We participate regularly in AKC Hunt Tests.  We've also participated in AKC Field Trials and the Super Retriever Series.  We are members of the Middle Tennessee Amateur Retriever Club where Tracy serves on the board, and Jimmy serves as the Treasurer of the Master National Retriever Club.  We are avid duck hunters and enjoy nothing more than spending the morning in a pit or a blind with one of our labs and watching them love it as much as we do!  Our labs are part of our family and our daily lives.  Whether we are in a holding blind at a Hunt Test, in a duck blind in an Arkansas field, or on the couch in our living room, you'll always find one of our labs close to our side.  We both enjoy all these activities, and it allows us to spend time together as a couple making lots of great memories.  It has also given us the opportunity to develop many friendships all over the United States.  We hope you enjoy our website and come back to visit often!  Click on any of the pictures on the site to enlarge them.

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Tubby's Maxximum Trouble, MH59 "Maxx"
March 22, 2005 - January 8, 2018

Monday night, January 8, 2018 was supposed to be an exciting night - filled with lots of anticipation, anxiety and hopefully in the end, lots of happiness and "Roll Tide" cheers.  Instead, the National Championship game became very unimportant, and not at all what we will remember about that day.  This day was instead filled with sadness and tears as we had to make the hardest decision that dog owners ever have to make - to let go of our own feelings and do what is best for our companionand friend.  January 8th to us will alway be the day we said goodbye to our buddy Maxx.  

Maxx was one of the best dogs I ever hunted with.  He was steady as a rock and quiet in the pit.  He was the ultimate gentleman.  He could mark as many birds as we could knock down, and seemed to have eyes in the back of his head to even know where they landed behind him.  He knew how to give you "the look" when you missed - "REALLY???", his eyes would say.  I swear he could raise his eyebrows at you.  He loved a poptart as much as his mom Cait did, and was as handsome a dog as you could want. 

Walking to the line with Maxx at a Hunt Test was truly a pleasure.  He never made noise, he never crept, and ran as straight a line as you could ask for.  For me, as a novice handler, when I ran my first Master Tests, he was the perfect dog to get "line time" with.  Really, he just needed me to take the birds.  I'll always be thankful to Jimmy for sharing him with me, and allowing me to make my newbie mistakes with him.  He always bailed me out and made me look good.  

Maxx is the last of the 3 dogs that Jimmy owned when we got married.  That made it so much more difficult to be the one at home making the decisions, since Jimmy was in Arkansas hunting.  I'm sure it was equally hard for him to be away from home and not having the chance to say goodbye.  As I sat with him in the kennel, waiting on our amazing and compassionate vet to arrive, I told him what a good boy he was, and that his daddy loved him.

It seemed very fitting that on Tuesday morning in Arkansas, a single came in, just at shooting time, and hung fat in the front.  Buzz called it -  "This is one is Maxx's".  Jimmy's was the lone shot that brought down Maxx's final bird.

RIP my handsome boy - And may they all be flyers from now on.

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Maxx5  MN13157B4Maxx030W maxxspool 
 Maxx1 maxxqmp  
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 MaxxMN1 20151205684 

Duck Hunting Season 2017

Hunting Season 2017 is underway!  It's our favorite time of year!

20171 IMG6342 Hayden2017
Sunrise is a Beautiful Time Penny scanning the sky
Juvenile weekend

At the close of each season, it's alwasy fun to look back and talk about how things went that year.  And it always seems that as much fun as it is killing birds, we always talk as much about the laughter and fun times with our friends as we do about the hunting.  We talk about the shenanigans of our dogs, and wonder if it was the last trip for some of them.  We usually have a few new faces in the camp, and it is fun to develop those frienships.  But it's always extra special to spend time with our old friends, and continue to build our friendships and memories with them.  Maybe when we go hunting, it's not just the birds we are looking for.  Because it seems that we always find so very much more than that.  

Pyro2017 IMG5963 sugar207 
 Pyro is a veteran Our son-in-law with Jewelry
Sugar bringing them in
 Minnie-2017  Minnie-20173  Minnie-20172
  Minnie on her first hunting trip
 2017  boys2017  20175
  The boys making memories

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Crimson Kennels is a breeder of Labrador Retrievers, located in North Alabama. For more than  10 years, Crimson Kennels has specialized in breeding competition caliber Labrador Retriever puppies. Crimson Kennels raises all AKC recognized colors of Labrador Retriever puppies including Black Lab puppies, Chocolate Lab puppies, and Yellow Lab puppies.  For more information about labrador retriever puppies in North Alabama, call or email us at Crimson Kennels today.