Fall River, KS

September 21, 2013

Mater National 2013 was hosted by the Sunflower Retriever Club and held at the Flint Oak Resort. This Master National was a little different for us - it was the first time we had not attended, or handled or own dogs. Becuase of the premature birth of our twins, Nathan and Sidney on July 18, 2013, we were in the NICU at UAB Hospital in Birmingham, AL. Our friend and trainer, Jody Ware of Razorsharp Retirevers, took our dogs that had qualified and handled them at the event.

We had 7 dogs to qualify for Master National this year.

Crimson's Black Powder Girl, MH "Glory" #19

Crimson's Coriander Dream, MH "Andi" #27

Crimson's TNT By Design, MH "Pyro" #36

Double G Cosmo's Dream Girl, MH "Abby" #54

Johnson's Redwind, MH "Faith" #71

Mosby's Big Jake, MH "Jake" #98

Tubby's Maxximum Trouble, MH "Maxx" #157